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A Year Full of Magical Events Across the World!

Probably the most colourful blog post I will ever write …

January - Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival - China
Wow - the largest snow and ice festival in the world with the largest ice sculptures in the world. You can quite literally get lost in a world of ice. 

Check out China for yourself.

February - Rio Carnival - Brazil
The world famous Rio Carnival - I hardly feel it needs much introduction, the carnival has been parading since 1723 and doesn’t show any signs of stopping soon. 

Check out Brazil for yourself.

March - Holi - India
A Hindu festival also known as the ‘festival of colour’. There is no way to escape the colour - and why would you want to? It is a festival to represent good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships. 

Check out India for yourself.

April - Songkran - Thailand
The biggest water fight in the world, if you find yourself in Thailand during Songkran you will have to join in the water fight so make sure you choose your water weapon wisely, you will have water thrown at you by the young and old. It is a festival for the whole community.

Check out Thailand for yourself.

May - St Lucia Jazz Festival - St Lucia
A fantastic music festival, celebrating jazz, R&B and calypso music of international and local artists. It is definitely not one to be missed!

Check out St Lucia for yourself.

June - Glastonbury - England
From a small island in the Caribbean to a small island in Western Europe. Glastonbury. Arguably one of the most famous music festivals in the world, which has played host to some of the biggest names in music history. Rain & shine this is also one not to be missed.

July - Panafest - Ghana
A lovely festival to promote and enhance unity and all things Africa. Every two years there will be displays of theatre, drama, music, and poetry. If you find yourself in Ghana in July it could be the highlight of your visit. 

Check out Ghana for yourself. 

August - La Tomatina Festival - Spain
Water fights and food fights - we all just want the chance to act like children again. But seriously. How fun does this look? I imagine you might be looking and smelling like a tomato for a few days after this. 

September - Burning Man - Nevada, US
A festival in the desert doesn’t sound like it would work. But it really does, and every year it is growing. An experiment in community and art there will be amazing weird and wonderful designs that will leave you dazzled. 

October - Oktoberfest - Germany
Over 6 million people from all over the world are thought to head to Munich for Oktoberfest and it has been such a success that cities all across the world are replicating the Munich festival.

Check out Germany for yourself. 

November - Diwali - India
The festival of lights - for a whole month (if you can believe it possible) India becomes even more vibrant and colourful. Lights, feasts and fireworks - if you are planning a trip to India then plan it during Diwali and you will not be disappointed. 

Check out India for yourself.

December - New Years Eve - Australia
Celebrations for New Year happen worldwide but one of the most famous celebrations must be that of Sydney. It should be on everybody’s bucket list to watch the fireworks over Sydney Harbour for New Year. 

Check out Australia for yourself. 






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  • ''The teaching was great, I felt that I learnt a lot and the school seemed to enjoy having me around. The whole experience was all I'd hoped for. I can't wait to get back to Ghana one day!.''
    Charlotte Sadler , Teaching, Ghana
  • ''The children, the people, the volunteers, and the whole atmosphere in general, made this experience one I’ll never forget.''
    Magalee Nahas , Teaching, Ghana
  • ''The experience was greatly valuable to me professionally as I gained practical writing experience that I can take home and add to my portfolio and, considering how competitive media jobs are in my city, this is invaluable.''
    Sarah Kendell , Media & Journalism, Ghana
  • "Working on the front line on some really exciting news stories and has boosted my confidence that being a journalist is what I want to be. Amazing very relevant experience and just what I needed. Thanks to all the Changing Worlds team for making this possible for me."
    Thomas Coats , Media & Journalism, Ghana
  • Amazing people and amazing memories! I got a real taste for this beautiful country on the Ghana Experience.
    Gemma Hutchinson , Adventure, Ghana
  • There was never a dull moment on this action packed adventure. I had so much fun with the other people on the trip, I can't wait to go back to Ghana.
    James Reyland , Adventure, Ghana
  • I cannot believe how much we packed into only 3 weeks. Volunteering was amazing, and is was great to see the range of things that Ghana has to offer.
    Rosie Midhurst , Adventure, Ghana
  • ''I used this opportunity to gain work experience, and getting a new perspective of a health care service in a Third World country made me realise how much we take for granted in the UK.''
    Magalee Nahas , Medical & Health, Ghana
  • ''It was great fun working alongside the locals and we shared lots of laughs and stories. It also felt great to know we were leaving something behind that the community really needed.''
    Andy Hoyle , Building & Construction, Ghana
  • ''Ghana is a fantastic country and the people are so welcoming and warm, especially the Ghanaian staff. What makes the placement is being part of a team who all have the same viewpoint to help others.''
    Lisa Paige , Building & Construction, Ghana
  • “Great people, great experience and there is some great sport to be played in Ghana. Something I'll never forget.”
    Matt Pheasant , Sports, Ghana
  • “I have had a fantastic time out in Ghana and what they are trying to acheive out there is truly incredible. I hope to able to do something like this again.”
    Dale Bradley , Sports, Ghana
  • “It was fascinating to associate and live with a number of different cultures. The experience of helping other who lived an extensively sheltered and innocent life was invaluable.”
    David Holmes , Sports, India
  • "The most amazing experience i've ever had. From the coaching to the social side, the staff and people were amazing both within the organisation and also within the schools."
    Charlotte Williams , Sports, South Africa
  • "A demanding, thrilling, incredible insight into this beautiful and stunning country and to top it off: an entirely rewarding project that makes you appreciate everything."
    Ross Green , Sports, South Africa
  • "This was the best way to spend my gap year! Sun, sea, sand and sport all whilst coaching amazing kids. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I would jump at the chance to do it again."
    Rosie Wells , Sports, St Lucia
  • "My overall experience was fantastic, I enjoyed all aspects of this trip and there is never a dull moment in St Lucia! "
    Sam Evans , Sports, St Lucia
  • "This experience was unforgettable, I have met people that I will stay friends with for many years to come and completely fell in love with Argentina!"
    Jamie Henderson , Languages, Argentina
  • "I was so surprised how quickly I picked up the language! The school was great and really supportive throughout the learning process and it was amazing to practice what I had learnt in real life situations."
    Melissa Cutler , Languages, Argentina
  • Not only did I have tons of fun I've also gained a qualification that means I can continue my travels around the world whilst getting paid to teach English!
    Helen Turner , Teaching, Argentina

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